Spanish course in Haarlem


Spanish for advanced students in Haarlem

Spanish for advanced students in Haarlem

This course is designed for people who are proficient in Spanish or have lived in a Spanish-speaking country and want to keep up with the Spanish language.

The Advanced Spanish course follows on from Español Universal’s Advanced Spanish 3 course. Even if you have not taken the advanced course with us, but have the B1, you are of course welcome.

The advanced level consists of four courses: Advanced Spanish Level B1; Advanced Spanish Level B2 and Advanced Spanish Level C1.

The goal of this course is for students to be able to better understand Spanish speakers and to express themselves fluently and spontaneously in unprepared conversations.

Vocabulary and idiomatic expressions are further expanded structurally during this course. Previously covered difficult grammatical aspects of the Spanish language are further explained.

The course focuses on all four language skills. Through discussions, Spanish-language guest speakers, excerpts from Spanish-language films, newspaper articles and prose or essay writing, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills will be effectively perfected.

Spanish manners and culture are also an essential part of the advanced Spanish course because language and culture are closely linked.

All the details of this course at a glance:

  • Cost: € 169.00 including teaching materials
  • Teaching materials: Aula Internacional 4, 5 Plus
  • Teacher: Débora López Rodríguez
  • Duration: 10 sessions of 75 minutes
  • Class location: A. Hofmanweg 5a in Haarlem (free parking)
  • Levels: B1, B2, C1
Spaans voor vergevorderden B1
23-09-2024Maandag20:45-22:00BeschikbaarSchrijf je in!
25-09-2024Woensdag11:00-12:15BeschikbaarSchrijf je in!
Spaans voor vergevorderden B2
23-09-2024Dinsdag11:00 - 12:15BeschikbaarSchrijf je in!
24-09-2024Woensdag18:15 - 19:30BeschikbaarSchrijf je in!
26-09-2024Donderdag11:00 - 12:15BeschikbaarSchrijf je in!

If you would like more information about advanced Spanish courses or to request a free introductory consultation click here or call 06-41166606.