Spanish course in Haarlem


Spanish course for beginners 1

Spanish course for beginners 1

Taking a Spanish for Beginners 1 course in Haarlem? Four times a year (January, April, September, November) fun Spanish courses for beginners 1 start in Haarlem. The emphasis of group Spanish classes for beginners is on conversation, but the other language skills such as listening, writing and reading will certainly be covered as well.

These group classes are taught in a casual atmosphere where laughter is very frequent. Under the guidance of enthusiastic, experienced and qualified native teacher, you will learn to speak Spanish. Because after all, real Spanish is best learned from a native speaker of the Spanish language.

At Español Universal you can take the Spanish for Beginners 1 course on a fixed class day in a professional course room. If you miss a Spanish class, it can always be made up with another group of the same level at no extra cost.

Grammar is not the goal, but a tool for learning Spanish. At Español Universal, we speak Spanish from the very first lesson.

After the course, the student will be able to get by with simple language in a Spanish-speaking environment. The lessons are structured around everyday situations: introducing yourself, talking about professions, asking for directions, shopping, ordering food in a restaurant, shopping, describing daily life, etc.

The Spanish course concludes pleasantly with a tapas evening.

Of course, you will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the course.

All the details of this course at a glance:

  • Cost on location: € 169.00 including teaching materials
  • Cost online live via Zoom: € 149.00 including teaching materials
  • Teaching material: Aula internacional 1 Plus
  • Teacher: Débora López Rodríguez
  • Number of on-site classes: 10 75-minute meetings
  • Number of lessons online: 10 60-minute meetings
  • Lesson location: A. Hofmanweg 5a in Haarlem (free parking)
  • Final level: A1-1
Spaans voor beginners 1
24-09-2024Dinsdag18:15-19:30BeschikbaarSchrijf je hier in!
24-09-2024Dinsdag20:45-22:00BeschikbaarSchrijf je hier in!
25-09-2024Woensdag09:30-10:45BeschikbaarSchrijf je hier in!
26-09-2024Donderdag20:45-22:00BeschikbaarSchrijf je hier in!
Online live lessen Spaans voor beginners 1
27-09-2024Vrijdag11:00-12:00BeschikbaarSchrijf je hier in!

If you would like more information about the Spanish for Beginners 1 course or to request a no-obligation introductory meeting click here or call 06-41166606.