Spanish course in Haarlem


Semi-advanced Spanish course

Semi-advanced Spanish course

The intermediate level consists of two courses: Intermediate Spanish 1, Intermediate Spanish 2.

The Spanish for Intermediate 1 course follows the Spanish for Beginners 2 course from Español Universal. New students with similar basic knowledge can also participate in this course, after consulting with the teacher.

Speaking skills are central. Using role plays, dialogues, Spanish-language songs, discussions and readings based on contemporary themes, speaking skills will be perfected in a fun way.

In a casual atmosphere where constant conversation in Spanish is normal, students learn not only from the teacher, but certainly from each other.

Especially in conversational courses, it is very important that the instructor be a native speaker of the Spanish language to ensure an authentic language offering.

During this course, pre-existing knowledge of Spanish will be increased and perfected using interactive audiovisual teaching materials, among other methods.

All the details of this course at a glance:

  • Cost: € 169.00 (including teaching materials)
  • Teaching material: Aula Internacional 2 Plus
  • Teacher: Débora López Rodríguez
  • Duration: 10 sessions of 75 minutes
  • Class location: A. Hofmanweg 5a in Haarlem (free parking)
  • Final level: A2
Spaans voor halfgevorderden 1
25-09-2024Woensdag20:45-22:00BeschikbaarSchrijf je in!
Spaans voor halfgevorderden 2
23-09-2024Maandag09:30-10:45BeschikbaarSchrijf je in!
24-09-2024Dinsdag19:30-20:45BeschikbaarSchrijf je in!
26-09-2024Donderdag19:30-20:45BeschikbaarSchrijf je in!

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