Spanish course in Haarlem


Private Spanish lessons in Haarlem

Private Spanish lessons in Haarlem

For Español Universal every student is unique and has his or her own learning style and motivation, which is why there is no fixed method of teaching or readers. A unique educational program will be designed for each student with a teaching method that best suits the student.

Español Universal does not have regular Spanish courses because there are no regular students, all students are unique and therefore at Español Universal you will be at your beck and call.

Español Universal specializes in customized Spanish courses, meaning they are adapted to the needs, goals, desires and level of the students. The student determines not only the content, but also the duration and frequency of classes.

Custom designed Spanish course at all levels for individuals in Haarlem and surrounding areas.

During an introductory meeting, you can indicate whether, for example, the following skills can be included in the lessons: introducing yourself, shopping, ordering food, dealing with official bodies, holding a job interview, requesting and providing information over the phone, making appointments, writing emails and letters, etc.

Understanding the Spanish culture and its manners is an integral part of the course, which is why it is addressed during each class.

Also, in each session the student will have the opportunity to put the material covered into practice in a real-life situation using authentic teaching materials. The student determines the content, duration and frequency of classes.

Private Spanish lessons (excluding teaching materials):

  • 1 person: € 59.00 per hour per person
  • 2 persons (duo lessons): € 39.00 per hour per person
  • 3 people: € 29.00 per hour per person

If you would like more information about Private Spanish Lessons or to request a free introductory meeting click here or call 06-41166606.