Spanish course in Haarlem


Advanced Spanish course in Haarlem

Advanced Spanish course in Haarlem

This course is designed for people who have a reasonable command of the Spanish language. We will expand vocabulary and perfect sentence structure.

The advanced level consists of three courses: Advanced Spanish 1; Advanced Spanish 2 and Advanced Spanish 3.

A decent prior knowledge of the Spanish language is required to take these courses.

The courses focus on speaking and listening skills. Using role plays, Spanish-language guest speakers, excerpts from Spanish-language films, discussions and lectures based on contemporary themes, speaking and listening skills will be perfected in a fun way.

Spanish manners and culture are an essential part of advanced Spanish courses because language and culture are closely linked.

All the details of this course at a glance:

  • Cost: € 169.00 including teaching materials
  • Teaching material: Aula Internacional 3 Plus
  • Teacher: Débora López Rodríguez
  • Duration: 10 sessions of 75 minutes
  • Class location: A. Hofmanweg 5 in Haarlem (free parking)
  • Final level: B1
Spaans voor gevorderden 1
23-09-2024Maandag19:30-20:45BeschikbaarSchrijf je in!
Spaans voor gevorderden 2
23-09-2024Maandag11:00-12:15BeschikbaarSchrijf je in!
23-09-2024Maandag18:15-19:30BeschikbaarSchrijf je in!

If you would like to learn more about the Advanced Spanish Course or request a free introductory meeting click here or call 06-41166606.